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Social Security Taxation

Social security taxation area planning is vital to ensure the companies’ operations.

Mota Fonseca e Advogados’ team provides great expertise in social security taxation law not only in consultancy services but also in administrative and legal litigation specifically in the cost area i.e.: the field related to the companies and employees’ due charges to maintain the Social Security.
  • Preventive consultancy aiming at not only making the corporations well acquainted with the rules related to developing and charging the social security charges, but also concerning related commitments involved in that type of taxation;
  • Planning and guidance to the clients’ companies with regard to the specific mandatory social security taxation rules and withholding charges;
  • Planning, aiming at reducing the social security taxation load;
  • Defence against unduly debit charges and administration fiscal lawsuits;
  • Recovery of unduly collected and paid social security charges before administrative and/or  legal authorities, as required;
  • Legal plea against social security charges
  • Identification and verification of social security tax credits.